Architects and Heroes Podcast #1

Architects and Heroes Podcast 1


So, I’ve been down with the flu, that turned into bronchitis, so with some down-time I figured I’d kick this thing off. I’m shooting for a weekly blast on this, and we’ll be making it all Web 2.0 friendly with rss feeds, subscription update service, and all that fun stuff. In the meantime, we’re rockin’ in the Z-share ghetto. Don’t hate.

PLAY LIST: 03/28/08

Rafter – ZZZPenchant
Machine Drum – Don’t Wait
Pistol Pete – Care Bears On Crack
Red Monroe – Trees and Poor Houses (Stephen R. remix)
Al Escobar – Tighten Up
Radiohead – Reckoner (Love Tounge Attack Bmore Remix)
SXSW Wrap Up…seriously
Faux Fox – Smart Set
Son Lux – Wither
Oh Astro – Hello Fuji Boy
Christopher Willits – Yellow Spring

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