The Day After-Party…

Now that the dust has settled, the wounds have scabbed over, the sound system has been dismantled and bill has been tallied (and trust me, quite a bill it is…I’m still paying it), we can look back 5 days ago with some semblance of fond memory. I’d like to thank Mochipet, Kenneth ([a]pendics.shuffle), Bryan (sorry for the bump, I’ve got something for you in return) Oro11 and Shaun/Sodapop for being suburb talent. Also, I’d like to thank Dublab, Tomas at Grow Your Own Media, Jenn Tran and the talent wrangler crew , Pam, Michael/Smex (dude, you’re a lifesaver), Mattbot and of course the crew at the Silver Echo Gallery.

Instead of waxing on about the evening, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


(Mochipet & Stephen R.)

One response to “The Day After-Party…

  1. The talent wrangler crew! I LOVE it – brings me back to my Dallas daze. Great party BTW – how can the next be even EPIC-er? I guess we'll just have to find out!

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