A+H Artist Quiliuq played on Digital::Nimbus this Past Friday Night!

A+H artists Quiliuq had his track Ventana played on Digital::Nimbus this past friday night. you can catch thier show every friday night from 10pm to 12am PST.

feat. Bitcrush, Slowcream, The Empath, Quiliuq, Sharps Injury, Scorn,
Ben Lucas Boysen, Tim Hecker, Maps And Diagrams, Esem, Huron, Atmogat,
Drifting In Silence, Port-Royal, Zero Degree, Kattoo, The Future Sound
of London, Secede, Dif:Use and more!
Playlist :: http://digitalnimbus.com/playlists/dn_playlist.php?ShowID=397
Stream :: http://digitalnimbus.net/archive/jan_2011/dn_397.m3u
Download :: http://digitalnimbus.net/archive/jan_2011/dn_397.mp3

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