Dan Nguyen (Demon Slayer) HER. Art Exhibit 3/14/2013

Demon SlayerDan Nguyen (Demon Slayer) will be having an art exhibit at Decibel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam March 14, 2013.

Two years ago, Dan Nguyen’s work began to shift in focus, concentrating on exploring and representing the feminine connection between all living things; with more concentration on Yin instead of Yang.

HER. is the next installment of Nguyen’s discoveries. It highlights the multiple connections we hold with the feminine spirit; Mother Nature, Mother Land, Mother Ship; the warmth of receiving maternal care, the protection and unity of sisterhood, the deep, soulful embrace of a female lover, or the companionship and trust of a close girl friend.

More information can be found on the HER. Facebook invite page.

Check out his latest track featured on Hamacide – Mighty Little Machine Remixes release.

He also has a track on the upcoming Architects + Heroes Sampler Vol. 2. So be on the look out for that.

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