ZygoteZygote is the brainchild of Stephen Ruiz, aka DJ Stephen R., founder of Architects and Heroes Records. With it’s origins in the Bay Area electronic music scene of the early aughts, Zygote was inspired by musicians that were at the forefront of the “laptop techno” movement. San Francisco Artists such as Kit Clayton, Kid606, J Lesser, Cex, Sutekh, Twerk, Safety Scissors and Matmos were all exploring new ways of producing and performing live electronic music at the time. It was this environment that was influential in paving the way for Stephen to launch his career as a recording artist, producer, DJ, and label owner.

The musical goal of Zygote has always been to use the mechanized process of electronic music production to convey complex human ideas through sound. With a decade of experience of navigating underground electronic music environs, Zygote is set to take these sound ideas to a new audience. With a newly formed line-up that includes new production partner Will Rosario (aka Asymmetrical Head), as well as guest contributions from a cast of vocalists and MCs, Zygote is embarking on the next chapter of sonic exploration. With a sound that’s influenced in equally by the early Warp Records, Hip-Hop, Techno, Dub and Experimental Music, the “Zygote Sound” is an aural landscape that is as much at home in an art gallery as it is on the dance floor.


Various Artists
Architects + Heroes
Sampler Volume 1
Various Artists
Shadowmath: Fateless Flows Collective Vol. 2

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